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Services & Qualifications


Our inspectors are accredited by the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act and survey in compliance with current WorkSafe regulations

Asbestos Testing

Buildings constructed before 1990 require an Asbestos survey to permit renovation and demolition projects. Required by law and for your safety, A survey is the first step to any project.


Our affiliate Laboratories used for Bulk Sample Analysis actively participate in quarterly proficiency testing programs by The American Industrial Hygiene Association

Air Monitoring

We provide daily air monitoring for abatement projects and site clearance. Results are produced in 24 hours or less and are posted on site the following day. 


Our analysts are NIOSH 582 certified and are trained and certified by The McCrone Research Institute. We participate in quarterly proficiency testing as part of our quality assurance program.  

Mobile PCM Analysis

We offer air monitoring in remote locations. Utilizing our mobile lab we produce same day results ensuring safe and continuous workflow.

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